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* Preface

This public service website is co-set up and maintained by Department of Land and Data Center of Kaohsiung City Government, for providing citizens with a secure trading real estate environment.
This website offers information including:
The tender sale information for reorganized zone and partial imposed zone developed by Department of Land, Kaohsiung City Government. Civil realty commerce information, inclusive of property sold or leased by legal realtor, self-built/sold houses by Construction and Develop ment Union member in this city, and civilian-owned-and- sold property.

* Purpose
* There are 3 purposes for establishing this platform:

1.Multiple marketing for this city's land in developed zone.
2.Integrating information of the general real estate commerce market in this city.
3.Set up a window for estate information exchange.

* Purpose
* This website contains 8 major frameworks:

Statistic data.
On-line inquiry about real estate items for lease, such as:
Real estate authorized for sale or rent, and self-sold items by peopl
Website of agent, broker, and construction business.
Proposal index for newly built or pre-sale houses.
Tender sale of land in developed zone:
Expense-against and price-against land that has been sold and waits to be tendered.
Developed zone information:
reorganized zone and partial imposed zone information will be provided.
Interactive information:
This function enables data supplier to interact with the users by real estate e-papers and message board.
Commerce reference material:
The material is for consultation purpose.
Specific market information:
Supply and deal information of real estate owned by public division, financial institutions, state-run business will be provided here.
Member section:
Member-only service here is to attract business owners and ordinary people to participate in this website.

* haracteristics

Innovative graphic index:
The geographic data established by Kaohsiung City Government is well utilized by presenting every item on the map. You can double check between list and map instead of on the list only.
The visible information of tender land in developed zone:
All tendered and wait=for-tender expense-against and price=against land, and all results of tender can be found here.
One retrieval term can bring you all pre-sale house, new house, and second-hand house news.
Applying for membership and posting your product is totally free of charge.
We provide owners with Internet instead of streets to sell your houses on your own.



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